Close Guatanamo

I know, this subject is a bit far from this blog’s theme... sorry for that, but I just had to jump on the occasion to talk about a subject very dear to me : today is the 5th anniversary of Guatanamo prison.

Guantanamo is an American military jail on the island of Cuba. More than 400 people are held prisoner there, without having been accused of anything. There is torture going on there, rapes, and people are detained in horrible conditions (deprived of sleep, food, heat, etc.) Of course, all the prisoners in Guantanamo are not angels, but they are human beings who are held in jail without being accused of a crime. Imagine, some are minors or were when they first got there.

The Canadian section of Amnesty international will hold a protest on Thursday January 25th in the afternoon in Montreal. It will start at Square Philips to get to the US consulate. I don’t know at what time yet, but I’ll post the info as soon as I have it. If my boss is touched by my political convictions, I will be there… and I sure hope you will too.

Amnesty’s website is full of information if you wish to learn more about the situation. You can also sign a petition and send postards to Bush and Harper.

PS: I took the image on top on the blog of a Tunisian,Emma Benji, and she tells the story of the man on the picture through a quote (loosely translated) :

I am from Saudi Arabia, my name is Mouhari Abdoul Hakim. America soldiers arrested me when I was the Taliban’s prisoner. Why are they keeping me here? Please, find out. If you are seeking justice and truth, do not believe them, do not believe anything! These are hard times we are living.

- TF1. The 8 o’clock news – Monday april 24th 2006.

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