Drum roll, here's Samwell

As you know, I'm always looking for original and delirious acts. Indi artists that decide to advertise on Youtube are an amazing source of such acts. The one I'm introducing to you today has a MEGA hit... at my office. We listen to it at least once a day, sometimes many more! Personnaly, I find Samwell (who also happens to have a Myspace) immensely funny and very... out.

Without further ado, here he is in all his splendor:


Anna Nicole Smith and Sid Vicious, same difference

Anna Nicole Smith died yersterday in Florida. 5 months after her son's death, 5 months after her daughter's birth. Raise your hand if you are surprised. I honestly don't think it'll be a big underarm fiesta. That being said, I don't want to fall into pathos. To be perfectly honest, I was still laughing at her the day before, so today I won't say she was misunderstood or any other PC bullshit. What I want is to ponder the reasons why someone like her can fall so low, and stay there.

Like with Sid Vicious, we look at this and want to ask: "why the hell did no one stop her? Force her into rehab? Her agent? Her publicist? Anyone?" In my eyes (my very cynical eyes), the reason is clear. She was profitable stoned, drunk, trashy, and making a fool of herself. Nobody wanted to see a reality show with her sober in it. It's in her worst moments that she made de most money for the Machine.

It was the same for Sid. As long as he was bleeding on stage, unable to stand up without leaning on his bass, a total junkie, stirring up shit, he made the Machine the big bucks. Remember that in the end, he faked playing on an unplugged bass. When he was actually holding it. But the shows were sold out : the producers and all the Machine let him die like a dog, at 21, because it's half dead that he made them rich.

These things don't happen by chance. They happen because they are profitable. And it's our money that pays for it, every time we stop to look like at them fall flat on their faces like we look at accidents on highway 10.


Van Halen fans, let the credit cards roll!

I'm very, VERY excited to announce this one... VAN HALEN ON TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA WITH DAVID LEE ROTH! Please excuse the caps, it's the sheer exhilaration speaking. We know it's a summer tour, but no dates or locations have been announced yet. I'll keep you posted. "Jump" if you want VH in Montreal!

Note on February 28 : Seems the tour is postponed... jump if you believe DLR threw a hissy fit.


Another friend on the blogosphere

fredOne of my illustrious colleagues from Serbrooke University, Frédéric Poulin, just joined the wonderful world of blogging. Fred and I worked together for a long time at the Collectif, Sherbrooke University's student paper. He has a killer style and a quick mind... and he's a big softie. Except when politics get on his nerves. Follow his litterary feats (in French only) on Frédaction!