Ah, finally, alone.

Provokat, the ad agency I work for, just launched a new viral ad (in French only)... come and enjoy it takes less than a minutes!

Men : enfinseul.ca
Women : enfinseule.ca

The credits!
Creative director: Martin Ouellette
Account director: Marilyse Dionne
Artistic director: Chantale Grenon
Copywriter: Marie-Eve Boucher (yours truly :op)
Integration: Éric Clément & Thomas Jonkajtys (stagiaire)

Is it just me?

So, is it just me or was this done in bad taste? I understand that Courtney Love didn't want to hold on to all of Kurt Cobain's old flannel shirts (she sold most of his stuff lately), but this really makes it seem like she has a hard time paying her dealer.

Click on the ad to see it in all it's glory.


Ok single, baaad video

Here's Marilyn Manson's new single. It's called Heart Shaped Glasses and is on the album entitled Eat Me, Drink Me.

Link: sevenload.com


The single isn't too bad, nothing major to say against it. A very Mansonian ballad, creepy and vaguely bloody.

Maybe it's because I love Dita so much... or maybe I've grown scrupulous with the years

But this video really bothers me.
1) It's boring and full of clichés
2) There are mental images in there I REALLY didn't need (i.e. Manson jumping Evan Rachel Woods' bones - his 19 year old girlfriend )

Did I become a stuck-up with time? Maybe. Still, sincerely it's Gross.


She's so multitalented

I know, I've been slacking off a bit lately... it's been kinda hectic at work and with the moving DOWNTOWN in July. Sorry, I'll be back to my normal loudmouthed self very soon.

Meanwhile, a pleasure for the eyes and fot the ears : Jodie Foster who (like Perez Hilton)says, does what she does best ;o) She sings in French!

Alone here

with Claude François, a song called Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg (oh my!)