I got the Mika fever

Ok, I must admit I have a little (HUGE) crush on Mika. Because of his voice, of the image we get of him by listening to his songs, etc. I don't adore all of his songs, only the less "dance" ones. I prefer the ones that sound like Queen, or like musicals. But the whole thing is in my opinion one of the finest things in Pop since the great years. Yes yes, you know what I mean. Madonna. Prince. Pop. Not pop-tarts (no need to name them).

So! All this was to introduce Mika's new single. The song is a lot of fun, the video too... and those who know me will understand my natural sympathy for the theme. And all the people who don't know me will too from now on :D. We try to tell ourselves this every day. Most of the time, we don't really believe it. It's great to have a cute pop prince sing it to us. ;o)

Big Girls (You Are Beautiful).
Album: Life in Cartoon Motion (2007)


Another instant hit!

Johnnyonline really made me laugh with this 2.0 love song. It's actually nothing more (but nothing less) than a funny joke about love in a time of interactivity and user generated content, but it's well done, with a cute alterno-pop-rock feel, and made by a musician who really seems to be enjoying himself. The title? Love 2.0