Patrick Wolf : I so would have wanted this to be crap

I know you'll tell me that I'm full of contradictions. I know. It's not the first one, and not the last either!

Before yesterday, I had never heard of Patrick Wolf. He came to my attention when I read that he had bitched my beloved Mika in his blog, and this only a few days after opening for him. He even remixed Love Today!

Here's the remix.

Of course, I went ballistic! Hehe, I rarely stay neutral anyway... So I told myself I really should see what this little bunghole did that was SO cool he allowed himself to shit on Mika. Huh, he looks like he could be Tiga's and Mado Lamotte's love child... pfff, he better be good...

Shit. Oh horror. It's excellent. More 'my style' than Mika. Very electro, but Patrick Wolf is a very good musician (he plays violin and piano). He's got a great voice that reminds us of those beautiful low voices heard in Depeche Mode and Bauhaus.

It hurts to say it. It's good. Very good. Enough for me to go out and buy an album. Crap crap crap.


Here are 2 songs I really liked.



John Waters' Filthy World at Cinema du Parc

From July 20 to August 2, to celebrate the new Hairspray movie, ALL of John Waters' movies will be shown at Cinema du Parc!! (How happy am I!)

The tickets to all the movies are 7$, and you can buy them by clicking here.

Here's the schedule! For more details, visit Cinema du Parc's official website.

Pink Flamingos (1972) (English with French subtitles)
July 21st, 5:30 / July 22nd, 7:30
July 23rd, 7:30 / July 26, 5:30

Female Trouble (1974) (English with French subtitles)
July 20th, 5:30 / July 22nd, 5:30
July 26th, 7:30

Desperate Living (1977) (English with French subtitles)
July 23rd, 5:30 / July 24th, 7:30
July 25th, 5:30

Polyester (1981)
July 20th - 21st,7:30 (Dubbed in Québecois)
July 24th, 5:30 / July 25th,7:30 (English with French subtitles)

Hairspray (1988) (English with French subtitles)
From July 27th to 31st at 7:15

Cry-Baby (1990) (English with French subtitles)
July 27th - 28th at 9:15 / July 29th - 30th at 7:30

Serial Mom (1994) (English with French subtitles)
July 27th - 28th at 7 :30 / July 29th at 9:15

Pecker (1998) (English with French subtitles)
July 30th, 9:15 / july 31st - August 1st, 7:30

Cecil B. Demented (2000) (English version)
July 31st, 9:15 / August 2nd, 7:30

A Dirty Shame (2006) (English version)
August 1st - 2nd, 9:15


Nostalgia segment: Suzanne Vega

This morning, my colleague Alain was signing one of my all time favorite songs: Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega. What's more, it's also a favorite of my roomie Sam, who is gone one vacation and whom I miss :). So I told myself "why not do a nostalgia segment?!"

Anyway, I've got an excuse! (actualization, used to say my prof Guy Rosa at Université de Sherbrooke...) Suzanne Vega's new album came out yesterday (July 17th 2007). It's called Beauty and Crime. It's soft. It's really good. Like always with her, it's very New York. It's a little Folk, a little Jazz, even a little Bossa Nova.

For you Second Life and 2.0 freaks, in 2006 Suzanne Vega was the first artist signed on a major to do a show in avatar on that site site, and she did it again on July 13th.

So! Let's have some fun here. Here's a video of her singing Tom's Diner as it was written: acapella. The cool part is, she first explains the origin of the song, and then talks about the ginormous dance hit that it's remix was in the nineties.

Here's the dance remix

And now a making of Beauty and Crime!

Sadly, I didn't find a single off the new album that sounded remotely good on YouTube, so here are my search results, for you all real Vega maniacs!

For more vintage, it's CRAZY all you can find on her official site!


Serena Ryder: it can't get any folker than this

Oh how my sister and parents will love this girl (expecially my mom, who is soooooo folk)!

Yesterday I was listening to videos (not watching, listening) without really paying attention when a peculiar voice came to pull me out of my reverie. It was Serena Ryder (23 years old, Ontario born), signing her latest single "Weak in the knees". It took me a minute before deciding that yes, I liked her voice, and that no, her Alanis Morissette-like tics did not bother me.

This morning, I decided to find out what this Ryder was about.I saw she covered "Good Morning Starshine" by the 5th Dimension, from the musical called "Hair" (that's what I call motivated!!). This time I thought it was fantastic, from the first note on. By the way, this song has de stupidest lyrics of all pop music (hehe) here is part of them :

Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba
Early morning singing song

So I can here the questions from here... What is it like when she covers "real" folk? And how is she live? Well, to illustrate both, here's Neil Young's "Heart of Gold". I think I have a little crush... ;o)

She's strongly believes that one can write songs and interpret those of others with equal authority.. and I tend to agree.

PS Clo, learn these songs! It's an order! lol


Things are getting worse for Avril Lavigne

Lavigne is being accused of plagiarism. Again. It's the third time, for those of you who are still counting. In this case, the 20 first seconds of the songs a virtually identical. Same melody, same theme. We still have no proof of this... but it stinks more and more. And anyway, like Martin Ouellette (my boss) says : "Copying somebody bigger than you is a tribute. Copying somebody smaller than you is a rip off."

Here in the Cadillac, we enjoy watching little videos... so here's a comparison between "I'm the kinda" by Canadian artist Peaches, and "I Don’t Have To Try" 'by' Avril Lavigne.


Avril Lavigne sued for plagiarism

Usually, I'm very skeptical when it comes to plagiarism in music. Let's just say that if that type of law suit had happened in the first years of Rock n' Roll, nothing else would have gone on in the tribunals. Nothing is born out of nowhere, you know? Everything is inspired by something...

BUT! In my opinion, this case is pretty clear. Lyrics, melody, rhythm, EVERYTHING here seems to have been copied. The embedded video shows a comparison between "Girlfriend", a song Avril Lavigne says she has written, and "I wanna be your boyfriend" a 70's song by the Rubinoos. Sadly for Lavigne, this lawsuit closely follows song theft accusations made by Chantal Kreviazuk last week.

So here's the Youtube video that compares the 2 songs. What do you think? Plagiarism or defamation?

Mika in Québec!!!

Two consecutive entries on the same subject may seem boring... and kinda makes me sound like a crazy stalker type fan ;), but I really had to share my joy: Mika will be at Festival des mongolfières de St-Jean (a Montréal suburb) on august 10th, with DJ Champion headlining. Did I say I was excited? Just writing these words gives me goose bumps! WOUHA! Ellen and I will be there... you should really come too!