Adoption offer : meet my future cat

I WANT THIS CAT! It's final, if ever I meet it's owner, I will kidnap this animal!

I am not among the addicts that have watched all the animal videos available on Youtube, but this (quite literally) rocks big time! Now all I have to do is convince my roomie to stop hatin' on little kitty cats ;)


The Sunday Sinners in the Village

On Wednesday august 29th at 10PM at Cabaret à Mado (Ste-Catherine et Amherst), I'm gonna be listening to Sunday Sinners! I've seen them twice already, and I can't wait to see them again for 2 whole sets!

The Sunday Sinners are accessible, but they don't compromise. It's soul, it's rock, sometimes it's psychedelic, it's unique, it's tasty. Jenna, the singer, has a strong soul voice. There is not enough farfisa in the world and we love it. And I've got a sweet spot for the drummer, Chantale Grenon! (Ok she's my friend, maybe I'm a little subjective, hehe)

It's downtown, really close to métro Berri. It's $5. No excuse. ;)


Dom Lebeau lonesome cowboy

Dom Lebeau, drummer for the franco band called les Cowboys Fingants, has decided to leave the band. Will he do a solo project? Nobody knows for now: no statement has been released about his plans for the future as of yet. Here's an article (loosely translated) from the 24 heures newspaper (photo credits to them also) that tells the story.

After a long and profitable artistic relationship that lasted a decade, Dominique Lebeau, drummer for the Cowboys Fringants, has decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

Notified of this decision by mail, Karl, J.F, Marie-Annick and Jérôme thanked their ex-companion for these 10 years during which he gave his all to their common venture and wished him the best in the future.

The Cowboys Fringants will keep up the good work as a quartet and will continue working an the new album that will come out next year.


I've got to come out of the closet

It's monday. Heterosexual males, come back Thursday to read about Slayer. All of you other people... I've got a confession to make. I TOTALLY LUST FOR RICKY MARTIN. Yeap, since his performance at the Grammies when he shook his bon-bon. I never got over that one. Ah, I feel free now that it's in the open.

And now! NOW!, this morning I stumble upon THIS! Oh my this stormy morning suddenly got MUCH metter! Meow! Look at this, and I only have two more words for you: FULL SCREEN!!!!!!!


Double bill Manson and Slayer

Wednesday night, Sam (my roomie), Clem (my colleague), Marjorie (his fiancee) and I are in for some serious head banging! We're going to Centre Bell to see Slayer and Marilyn Manson, and I will be seeing both for the first time... HOURRAY! I'm so excited it's not even funny... I'll tell you all about it Thursday.

I'm IT by my own doing

Playing tag in the blogging world is very popular. In this case, since I am writing on my job's blog while the boss is on vacation, I tagged myself. Ok it's a little pathetic, I know. At least I'll get to tag other people!

Each blogger has to post on his or her blog sept things about them that had not been said there before. The people tagged will in turn write 7 things and these rules. Then, they will tag 7 new people, in the same post.

So... secrets I have never told on my blog... hum... I'll try to stay in my musical theme, no one needs to know what color my underwear is. (black! :p)

1- I get up at night to hate Éric Lapointe, especially because he doesn't understand the songs he covers. But not only for that.

2- The people who see my CD collection think I'm psychotic. I have some of everything, from Abba to Zappa, metal, punk, folk, french 'chansons', soul, etc.

3- I never see videos because I'm allergic to the hosting style and drunken camera people on Musique Plus

4- I almost never download music, not because of my strong moral fiber but because I like having the booklets :)

5- I have critic's syndrome : if I blog about music, it's because I never made it in music ;)

6- My friends think I don't like electro enough... that's my Daddy's fault, he has been telling me the same thing since I was little : ROCK N ROLL OR DEATH!

7- I get sad that people rarely comment on my blog. I feel like I'm talking to myself. Am I boring and didn't notice? Hehe!

And now, I tag!

Phil (blog! You should be able to, you hate enough things :p)

Well, there are 2 missing, I should really make friends on the blogosphere :( Oh well!