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I'm a bit off my usual subject of music, but hey, I also love movies and my job, so combine the two and I just HAVE to blog about it.

I didn't even know this movie was being made... shame on me! It seems Beigbeder's very caustic book, 99 Francs, has been made into a movie. Jean Dujardin plays the lead. He looks a lot like the book's author, and that book is a bit autobiographical. I know some adaptation specialists that will have quite the orgasmic moment on that one!

(To those people in advertising who say that "it's not true that advertising is like that" :
1- that's why it's called FICTION
2- liars...)

For those of you who speak French, two trailers :

The real one

A fake one, that I like a bit more but says less about the different 'tones' in the story.


Nice Paula Abdul cover

Today I found out about a very very rock cover of a very very pop song: Straight Up by Paula Abdul. It has been revisited (and that's an understatement) by The Hot Stewards. I admit I had never heard of them before, but they sure can cover a song. We'll see what the rest sounds like... Does anyone know them and could you make a few suggestions? I only found their myspace . The singles on it are a bit similar, but quite fun.

What does it remind me of? Hard to say, even though there is something recognizable about the whole thing.. A touch of The Cure, maybe a little bit of Wham, some New Wave and it sounds like it's in the same family as The Gossip. If you roam around on Youtube, you'll notice they have a thing for doing rockin' 80's songs covers. Oh! By the way, they're Danish, German from the Netherlands.

Here's the cover, I stole it off Perez Hilton.


The Sunday Sinners at Osheaga

For your eyes and ears friends, The Sunday Sinners at Osheaga last sunday! Too bad we can't see Chantale the drummer, behind Jenna, the singer... but we can see the others, and among them Kieran who really is a good bass player and back vocal.

Thanks to the author of this video, Catherine Bélanger.


Osheaga, Sunday

Since it's Claudine's birthday (my roomie Sam's sister), we're going to Osheaga on Sunday.

THE must see!?!?! The Sunday Sinners at 4PM! Oh yeah!

After that, (here's the PDF schedule), I am going to see these shows (the links go to their pages on the Osheaga site):

* 4PM The Sunday Sinners

* 4:30PM Martha Wainwright

* 5:15PM Sam Roberts Band

* 6:00PM Arctic Monkeys

* 6:45PM Macy Gray

* 7:30PM Gotan Project

* 9PM M.I.A

So, I'll see you there??? :)

Don't miss The Sunday Sinners!!

Just for kicks, here's the festival's ad.


The science of Rock

My first reaction was: no surprise here! But you know, it's interesting, or else I wouldn't bother...

So here's the news: scientists have decided to study the life expectancy of rock stars and have determined that they die younger than the rest of us.

I suppose no one is thrown aback by this. That being said, the fact that it was the object of a serious study is quite enjoyable! So here's the article by the Sydney Morning Herald that mentionned this study.

Overall, 100 stars died between 1956 and 2005 and long-term drug or alcohol problems accounted for more than one-quarter of the deaths.

Jimmy Hendrix died after taking a cocktail of wine and nine sleeping pills; Janis Joplin and Doors frontman Jim Morrison died of suspected heroin overdoses; and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. All were aged 27 when they died.

The findings were based on 1050 North American and European musicians and singers who rose to fame between 1956 and 1999.

These stars were featured in the All Time Top 1000 albums list, selected in 2000 and covering rock, pop, funk, R&B, electronica and new age genres.

The study also examined how long the pop stars survived once they had achieved chart success, compared with the life expectancy of the general population, when matched for age, sex, ethnicity and nationality.

It found music stars were more than twice as likely to die early and even more likely to die within five years of becoming famous.

Found through celebitchy