Soko, right on

I made a fun discovery while reading Lily Allen's blog Today. She's a 21 year old French singer by the name of Soko (Stéphanie Sokolinski), who sings in English.

She has a very 'French' voice (read: very very etheral [those who know me know I acually mean 'vaginal voice' but didn't dare put it in writing... oops!])

The lyrics are funnyish, and they are cutely naive like it sometimes happens when people write poetry in a language that's not their mother tongue.

Above all, she's quite good at helping me transcend my broken heart!

Here's an mp3 of her song entitled I'll kill her.

And a video of the same song in its unplugged version.

Find out more about Soko here:
English fan site with all sorts of shareable stuff
Her myspace

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