A smile during a shitty week

It's rare for me to talk about personal stuff on this blog, at least if it's not in some way linked to music. Well, today I'm allowing myself that simple pleasure!

Véro, my colleague, has definitely caught on to the fact that I like puns and things that seem really obvious when you see them and make you wish YOU had thought of them.

So here's what she sent me, instantly brightening my really really bad week full of really really bad heartache.


Draco Malfoy wants a music carreer

Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, wants to become a musician. Nothing is out yet, something is supposed to come out on Itunes soon but that's it. In the meantime, he exposes himself.

Here's the medley he offers to Youtuber's harsh criticism:

And an older one: Time isn't healing

I think the voice needs a bit of work but the product is somewhat charming. Of course, looooove the accent! That being said, if it wasn't Malfoy, it wouldn't be of any more interest than the million other songs by aspiring musicians on Youtube (but not any less either).

How about you? Do you like it?