Les amis au Pakistan : Espace libidinal

I just bought Espace Libidinal, a 2006 album by the French-speaking Québécois band called Les amis au Pakistan. Yes, it's French, no, you don't need to speak French to enjoy this band. If I'm talking about this now, it's because they made a blip on the muscial radar recently during a well recieved show at Montreal's Francofolies.

General comment about the album : it drives you so nuts it's fun. It puts you in a transe, a little like when you watch a Pipilotti Rhyst video. You wouldn't believe it first hand, but it's even better as background music than when you listen to it attentively. A good first album for this eletro band with a spritz of Pop that call themselves "retrofuturistic". That being said, the songs made by the band (a musician, an author and 4 women singers) are not all equally good. Good thing is, at least half on them are truly remarkable.

I especially enjoy :

Cendrillon lave le poêle, the hit, in my opinion.

Mon soldat de plomb.

Les parties de mon corps.

Un p'tit tour de minoune.

Fille originale à tendance normale.

Get a taste on their myspace!


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