Dr. Horrible's sing along blog : you WILL love it! Mouahahaha!

Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog THE Web sensation right now! It's a mini musical made for the Web, that tells the story of a bad guy (who in fact is the hero), and his fight against his super hero nemesis. Oh, and it stars Neil Patrick Harris (yeah, Dr. Doogie) as Dr. Horrible. And Dr. Horrible vlogs. I m' telling you, it's nothing short of HI-LA-RI-OUS.

Well that'S a very short summary that in no way captures the total brilliance of the 40 minutes movie, that was cut up in 5-minute episodes.

Here's the trailer

All the episodes are on Youtube, all the lyrics and many other things are on the official site. Now I beg of you, if you love it as much as I did, buy the DVD, the soundtrack, the épisodes on iTunes, anything. Money makes the world go round, as they said in Cabaret.


The new Michael Moore available for free on the Web

The latest film by Michael Moore, Slacker Uprising is free to watch/share/download. Just click here to get your hands on it. It's about the efforts made by Michael Moore (and others) during the 2004 (USA) election to get the 50% of Americans who don't vote to do so.

I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure that even if it's his worst movie, it'll be a great conversations (debate) starter. Come back and tell me what you thought, I'll post links to your reviews if you wrote one.

My own review... coming soon.


Culture in Danger (Culture en Péril, with subtitles)

Everyone has seen this video already. I'm only posting it to show I support its message. The video is in French but there are subtitles and references for those of you who don't know the people in it.

Please, don't be offended by the message if you are English Canadian. There are two cultures in Canada, this video speaks of one of them. I really hope to see a viral video from English Canadian artists adressing the issue.


Stefanie Heinzmann covers Unforgiven by Metallica

Ok. No. No, no no and no. Did I say no?? Just to make sure: no. Stefanie Heinzmann, little singer with a sexy librarian look who's(only) hit I liked so much , horrendously covers the Metallica classic. I think I can safely say it's blasphemous.

For shitz n gigglez, watch out for the Christmas bells in the song and the snow around 2m38s. Priceless.


The Science of Sexy by Dita

Here's the full version of the ad « short film » for Wonder Bra featuring Dita Von Teese.

In short:



A new blog just for fun

Feeling I needed a little excitement in my life, I've started a new blog. For those of you who are counting, that brings to 4 the number of blogs I contribute to. Phew!

So you French-reading people can find this blog at this address: pommemui.blogspot.com (I'm only doing that one in French, translating each post is a lot of work and the nature of the posts make it hard to translate). It's a blog where you can ask all sorts of questions, and I'll try to answer them as best I can. Of course, all this is in good fun. No serious or deep shit there.

So come visit pomme+mui / ctrl+mui and give me something to write about. Again, the blog is in French only.


Hats off to Yves Custeau

Here's a crazy ass version of the William Tell overture by a guy from Sherbrooke (I don't know him but we have friends in common).



News about the next Batman casting

It seems actor Michael Caine has dropped a bomb of Hollywoodian proportions: who will be the villains in the next Batman movie and who will be playing them.

Drum roll...

Like some speculation had let us believe, Michael Caine says he confirmed with the studio that:

Johnny Depp will play the Riddler


Philip Seymore Hoffman will play the Pinguin!

I've got goosebumps... This is damn exciting news. That being said, I love Johnny Depp, but to me the Riddler is one of the least dark characters in the Batman comics, and that is a big part of his charm. He is kind of, well, refreshing, as much as a puzzeling psycho can be. I'm sure that Depp, especially if well directed. can play a great Riddler. I just hope they'll keep a little bit of the funny crazy.

More details to come as soon as I have some, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

More here.

I was on vacation and I missed the WMA's

Lucky me, I found a 2 minute video to show me I didn't miss much. Just kidding! No really, I can't wait to find Youtube videos to see

1. Russel Brand, Britsh funnyman that I just love.

2. Britney, who seems much better. By the way, the video Piece of me for which she got many nominations, is the only one of hers I tolerate, same thing for the song that I think is sarcastic and fun.

3. Slipknot.

4. Pink. Yum :D

5. Katy Perry sinfing Like a Virgin (it's her on that picture up there)

6. All the other boring pop stars I don't know but love making fun of...

So here's the summary, put your comments in if you saw the actual show and tell us what you liked.

Here's the official website for the Video Music Awards.