I was on vacation and I missed the WMA's

Lucky me, I found a 2 minute video to show me I didn't miss much. Just kidding! No really, I can't wait to find Youtube videos to see

1. Russel Brand, Britsh funnyman that I just love.

2. Britney, who seems much better. By the way, the video Piece of me for which she got many nominations, is the only one of hers I tolerate, same thing for the song that I think is sarcastic and fun.

3. Slipknot.

4. Pink. Yum :D

5. Katy Perry sinfing Like a Virgin (it's her on that picture up there)

6. All the other boring pop stars I don't know but love making fun of...

So here's the summary, put your comments in if you saw the actual show and tell us what you liked.

Here's the official website for the Video Music Awards.

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