My favourite birthday songs

Photo : www.SheepPooPaper.com

Mui has been upgraded to 3.0. Today, I turn 30. OUUUUCH! Well, at least it gives me a reason to do another favourites post!

Happy Birthday, les Beatles
This is by far my favourite birthday song, cuz it rocks!

Happy birthday Baby, The Tune Weavers
This one is just a sticky sweet sad and fun oldie :)

Happy birthday Mr President, the immortal Marilyn Monroe
Because it's so sultry and funny all at once

Happy brithday, Stevie Wonder
Because it isn't agin gracefully and because usually no one knows this song but me

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Neil Sedaka

Another oldie that makes me smile, and since I'll always be 16...

All right, I can get birthday drunk now!


Lawrence Toms said...


You're using the graphic of our Birthday Bleatings Sheeppy card on your site. Would you be okay to supply a credit for the use of the image and a link to our website at www.SheepPooPaper.com ?

Mui said...

@Lawrence : Absolutely, I'm sorry. I have updated this post.