A song for the first snowfall

Today while reading my friend Alex's blog, I had an "ooooh-I-wish-I'd-thought-of-that" moment.

So here it is, a song for the first real snowfall of the year. Zappa rules.


Pete Doherty manages to insult a whole country in a few words

Good work man! He only needed a few sentences to piss off all of Germany and a few others.

During a music festival in Munich, our favourite winner sang the Nazi version of the German national anthem.

Go to the end of this video to get the full experience.

Of course, according to his spokespeople, he didn't do it on purpose, yadda yadda yadda. Man, if I had their job, I'd just carry a cassette around: "M. Doherty has a horrific case of verbal diarrhea brought on by the untimely erosion of his mental sphincters because of years of multiple drug abuse. Thank you."

So peeps, wanna start a pool and bet on when he's going to die? Ok that wasn't nice, I didn't sleep last night and I'm in a vicious mood. See, I don't even need a publicist.


The Muppets do Boheman Rhapsody

I adoooooore Queen. When I see Freddy Mercury on TV, I cry. That's how bad I've got it.

The Muppets are also among the great loves of my life, especially Animal and the dude that goes mimimimimimi. Gonzo, my dad. Miss Piggy, my mom. I have an infinity of Muppets inside jokes.

Imagine the visual and auditive orgasm I had when I found this

Mama! Mama! Mama? Mama! ROFL!


Beyonce + Gaga, it ain't workin'

The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Beyonce is finally available.

and it ain't good.

A song about a videophone? Really? How sad. I mean I like funny songs. Love em'. It doesn't have to be the next opus for a generation for me to like it. I lost my keys I lost my phone... just dance. Light but not... idiotic.

Anyway, Gaga looks like a nobody, the song is uninteresting to say the least. Maybe Gaga gets sucked dry, vampirized, when she duets?

Apart from the waterguns and Beyonce dressed up as Bettie Page, it's disappointing and a little sad.


The new Gaga video is in the Haus

You know it, I'm a fan. Not so much of the music, but of her. HER.

This video, for her song Bad Romance, is sci-fi, madly creative, fashionable, bouncing and dancing, original, incomprehensible, glam, beautiful and scary all at once.

If you really can't stand the genre, watch the video without the sound on.

So there it is. Once again, all hail the motherfucking queen.

PS The end! The ending is nuts! Hahahah she's in-sa-ne. Love it and her.


Why I love Autotune

Autotune was in my opinion, until recently, the incarnation of what was Wrong with music nowadays. Yes, Wrong with a capital W. A huge m**f**in' W.

I liked to repeat that in the "good old days", we didn't need autotune because sound people were allowed to say thing like "that was flat, you'll have to redo it". And if you couldn't do it, well you didn't get to make an album. That's it, that's all.

Well it seems that every cloud has a silver lining after all.

The Interweebs have been buzzing with little video opuses lately. These videos are made by putting talkies through Autotune to create totally hypnotic pieces.

Here's one of them, the Symphony of Science.

I find this highly shareable. You?


Pearl Jam + Devo = Halloween

This week end, Pearl Jam went up on stage dressed up as Devo and actually sang Whip It (spreading instant joy and hilarity among the public)

What an idea! I couldn't have come up with a better one had I wanted to ;) So not compatible and so much fun at the same time, don't you think?


Semi Precious Weapons will open for Lady Gaga in Mtl!

Glamazons rejoice! Today I found out that one of my favourite rock acts, Semi Precious Weapons, will be opening for Lady Gaga in Montreal, and I have tickets! Woooot!

I just can't handle myself. I almost wanted to send in more money for that ticket. And, my tweet about that was re-tweeted by SPW *insert girly squeal here*.

To discover Semi Precious Weapons

Visit their myspace
Their official website

You can also try to refrain from slobbering all over this video:


Weezer has a new album coming out...

that must be why I have this playing in my head non stop

But what I really wanted to share is my total excitement (insert girl screams here) when I found out that to promote the release of Raditude on November 3rd, Weezer Snuggies were now on sale! Ha. (Don't even ask what my sister is getting for Christmas)

For those of you saddies who have not yet basked in the glory of Snuggie :

And for those of you who haven't found out it's just a robe worn backwards :


Eminem in Klingon

The title says it all.

No need to call me a nerd, everyone knows that I am a humongous one.



Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck - Five Step

Often, a mash-up is a head thing. Intellectually, you appreciate the awesome find, but you don't really want to listen to it more than once. Too often, in other words, mashups don't talk to that little muscle between the ears and the heart.

Well here's proof that sometimes, 1+1=3. Overdub, the author of this mashup, makes me hope Radiohead would actually make this kind of music. AND, for the head part, it's damn cool that he found two 5/4 songs that mesh!

Taste it here

get it here


Monty Python & Jimmy Fallon

I haven't been blogging lately, I know, I've been caught up at work and with friend's birthdays. Mea culpa.

So, feast your eyes on this and try to forget I've neglected sharing my crazy hullabaloos: Monty Python (well the living ones) go nuts during an interview with Jimmy Fallon.


All the single babies!

Ok, I've got a total and utter cuteness moment for you today. A baby dancing to a Beyoncé song. I'm normally not a very gagagoogoo gal, but that kid's got talent!

That could be a reality show hit : Dancing with the diapers or Babies' got talent. Wait. I shouldn't have said that, someone might do it!


RIP Mary Travers

Mary Travers was a member of legendary folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. She died last night from leukemia. She was 72.

Peter, Paul and Mary is my mother's favourite band. Their music, especially the iconic Album 1700, marked my childhood and I never stopped listening to it since.

I sing too, and Mary Travers is probably the person who has had the most influence on me musically (along with Grace Slick, Ann Wilson and Cass Elliot -ok and Janis also-). She also contributed to my belief that covers are allowed in life. Hehe.

Mary, thank you. Your beautiful low voice, your immense talent, the emotional and the funny Peter, Paul and Mary songs will stay with me for ever.

And here is to remembering her


All hail the motherfucking queen

I've been saying it over and over, and I'll say it again.

Lady Gaga is the queen. By far the most interesting thing to see and here in Pop. In a long time too.

Here's the version of Paparazzi that she did at the VMAs This week-end. When a better quality video is available I'll post it.


Techno Viking + Henry Rollins

Life is good.

btw I'll be on vacation next week so no blogging for me!

only beach, bourbon, beer and fried clams.

Did I tell you life is good?


The best MJ tribute in the world

Well I'm a proud montrealer, of course I was going to say that!

I even cried a teeny bit. And you?


Madonna scares the shit out of me

Menopause hormones and 'roïds don't mix

argh :(



The Jonas brothers actually do a good song

Too bad they don't do it very well...

Jonas1, aka cute-Jonas (no, I don't know their names and no, I won't research them) well he's a little bit flat. Jonas2 is really hoarse and Jonas3, aka 'the one who ain't as cute as the others' only sings when the two others are going nuts.

But hey! For once they're doing a good song! (read: not one of theirs)

Here's Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond as done by the Jonas Brothers

(BTW, Neil Diamond is on Twitter)


Hey Sugar Tits, you can't sing!

Mel Gibson'S midlife crisis fluke, Oksana Grigorieva, lauches the title track for her upcoming album "Beautiful Heartache". The video was directed by Mel Gibson.

Cringe worthy lyrics? Check!
Music that will put you to sleep? Check!
Asthmatic voice? Check!
Masturbatory video that only its director will like? Check!
Fugly ass costumes and accessories? Check!
Scray Octo-mom-style plastic surgeries? Check, check and check some more!

Friends, we've got a success on our hands.


Web Site Story, an Internet musical

As you know, I'm nutso for musicals. Here, direct from the fine peeps at College Humor, is the Internet musical. Guffaw!


MJ memorial Live

CNN and Facebook got together to present the Michael Jackson memorial live, and the Facebook conversation Live also. A musical and Internet event that might never be surpassed.

It is said that MJ'S body will be on site. Creepy.
Now let's hope the networks hold.

Click here to join millions of watchers/discussers


update : I'll be tweeting live for those who can't see the vid http://twitter.com/marieeveboucher

Guess who's in the pic

It's a celebrity before she became a celebrity...


Proof that Blur is booooring

Or really really good. I'm not sure.


Video of MJ's last rehersal

CNN has a video of MJ rehearsing for his new show 2 days before he died. Pretty rockin' stuff!


Amy Winehouse greeting cards

Yesterday I heard they were coming out with Amy Winehouse greeting cards...

I do hope they make one that says "Get well soon"


RIP Michael Jackson

Farrah who?


Michael Jackson dies at 50

According to infamous celebrity gossip site TMZ, Michael Jackson has died of a heart attack this afternoon. This story is developing, so, more to come.

Champion is back!

Internationally acclaimed Montreal DJ Champion is back! And it's good too. It sounds like the stuff we love him for, no doubt about that. It's got that Champion hook, and it's going to be awesome live. What's coming up and when? Who knows, for now all I found floating around is this:

You may also downolad Alive Again.


RIP Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon has passed away. I'll share a childhood memory with you guys in his honor: I loved Star Search as a kid, so here's the opening sequence of the 1986 finals. Mr McMahon, you shall be missed.


Friday ROFL

Oh Jon... jon jon jon.

If, like me, you are or were a fan of Bloodhound Gang, you'll like this. And you'll laugh. Jon Lajoie is always funny, this song isn't an exception.



U2 + Spiderman = heresy and other arachnid news

Really, I'm giving more and more insight into my troubled mind in this blog: I'm a total Spiderman nut. A bit OCD actually. In this quite funny video, you'll find out about the spider's past and future, on Brodway for example. Guffaw!


When Manson meets Gaga

Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga reworked Love Game by the Lady. Even if it reeks of commercial opportunism, I applaud the initiative. What a match, as they say. The song is meh at times, but there are some great bits. What I hope for is another collaboration between the two, and maybe something more... original. The sound quality sucks, but that's because it's a recording of a recording. I'll post a better version when I find one.

PS Is it just me or do they look a little alike too?


Poker... morning

Yesterday, my roomie Claude and I had a friend of hers over for dinner. Two bottles of wine and a few scotches later, we decided to play a little Texas Holdem. Result? I didn't loose my shirt but I'm in no way capable of writing a better post than this this morning!

So here's Kenny Rogers and his gambler during what seems to be the last leg of a recent geriatric tour. Oh, and in other news, too much surgery will eff you up.


rancid... Rancid...RANCID.... RAAAAAANCIIIIIID!!

image: lintcoat

Ok, I think the teenager in me just had a seizure! I've just found out that my favourite band when I was in high school, Rancid, had an album come out this week!

I'm gonna go buy it this week-end and tell you guys all about it. In the meantime, here's a review from the reliable peeps at Punktastic. The album is called Let the Dominoes Fall.

And here's the "playlist" from Youtube.



Peaches in Wound magazine: WOW

Electro pop diva Peaches will be in the next issue of Wound magazine.

Wow, wow, and more wow!

Found on Style Canteen.

About Barton Fink at Club Lambi

Friday I went to see Barton Fink at Club Lambi.

(Big thanks to Frédéric Laurendeau who let me use his photos)

When I wrote my pre show post, I had only heard recordings. What a revelation seeing them live was! As you know, I have a little (ok big) preference for Rock. Oh joy and happiness, they majorly rock out on stage.

During the show, the electro accents of the record were a bit more subdued, and their Punk Rock side much more obvious. Of course, let's not forget their funky side, also very present, thanks to which we dansed, jumped, tapped our feet...

So the quality of the songs and of the recording makes Gear a good album and a good buy... but go see them live. The chemistry between the band members and with the public is so good it makes you wish you were on stage with them. Proof? I usually am much too cynical to clap during a song, and in this case my hands were red from my efforts to participate!

A few snippets I picked up during the show:

Mui: « Man this guy can SING! »

The girl who loves cherries: « Gimme some more is such a sexy song... »

Flo: « Ça déchiiiiiiiiire! » (Translation: this rips, as in awesome... I had to leave the French version, this guy being from France.)

A random guy: « Hey, is that Jungle Boogie!??!? » (yes, they did play that as an intro to one of their songs)

Let me end with a shout out to the opening act, Kamikaze, with its great percussion and its Thom Yorkeish vocals ... too bad I can't seem to find a link. Help anyone?

Kamikaze and the Club Lambi staff are great people to drink waaaaaaay too many shooters with (right helo?), but that's another story...

A voice worthy of Led Zeppelin covers

Remember I told you, in the American Idol frenzy, about Dilana Robichaux who had been on Rock Star Supernova.

In this vid, Dilana sings Led Zeppelin classic Whole Lotta Love at the Hollywood Improv. It was on on May 30, 2009, and she played with Phil Varone, former drummer of Skid Row, and the house band.

It's not as high energy as I would have liked it to be, but the voice is sooooo there. Quite a performance!


So, do you miss my link lists?

Maybe a few of you have noticed I haven't been making daily news posts recently. Well, Twitter's to blame for that!

Ever since I've started using Twitter, I've been sending everything 'short and sweet' through there so... yeap, that's it, look at the box on the right to see what I've been Twittering about, and feel free to follow me if you use Twitter too.

The Sunday Sinners on Spin

Spin magazine (maybe I'll work for them someday, I can dream can't I?) recenlty did a piece about a Montréal band I love: The Sunday Sinners. (ok actually I'm a total groupie because the drummer is a friend of mine).

So here's the mini documentary for your viewing pleasure, filmed at L'Esco in Montréal last month! Sonia, Blue and I were there and you weren't, naninanibooboo... hehe.

See full report...

Like the full report says, drums will be your favourite instrument once you watch this!

Wednesday ROFL

A descriptive, or literal, version of a video doesn't seem that funny when you think of it. Well, that depends on the video.

Thanks Vio for the find!


Why follow Courney Love on Twitter

For the sheer entertainment value, of course...

What the heck is she talking about?


Barton Fink contest : tonite at club Lambi

The Barton Fink contest is over, I've found my dates for tonight ;). Join us, and thanks to all the people who sent in answers, the right one like the nutty ones!

Update: I forgot to give the answer! Barton Fink, in the movie, has to write a screenplay about wrestling.

Ma Plaza en Fête program

On Montreal's Plaza Saint-Hubert this summer, many free events are going to happen between July 8th and July 12th.

• Closed streets from Bellechasse to Jean-Talon;
• Urban street market;
• Caricatures and street artists;
• Activities for children;
• Tennis Montréal on the Renaud-Bray parking.

Of course if I'm telling you guys all of this, it's because of the shows!

On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th

• 18 h: Amylie (pop-soul)
• 19 h: Damien Robitaille (folk-blues)
• 20 h: Stefie Shock (rock)

• 16 h: Zuruba (afro-brésilien)
• 17 h: Huit ça suffit (hommage explosif, années 50, 60 et 70)
• 18 h: Papagroove (afro-beat/funk)

I'll at least go hear Stefie Shock who's album entitled Le Décor I just loved. Can't wait to hear his new stuff! Also, I highly recommend Papagroove: I've seen them many times and they have a LOT of musicians on stage, they're funk, they're delicious.

For more info, see the event's website.

Those of you who live close or feel like it, follow the Plaza's Twitter.


Sesame Street turns 40!

I love Sesame Street. I always have. I still dream I might be on the creative team for that show someday! In celebration of this birthday, here's one of my favourite Sesame Street animations. The singers are the Pointer Sisters. Nuf said.


Redneck automated drums

I have Alex to thank for this find.

Deliverance meets Ben Bernie...

Actually, it's one jazzy idea!


An idea I dedicate to Chuck

For those of you who don't know Chuck Hughes, he's one of the owners of the restaurant called le Garde-manger and the host of Chuck's Day Off on Food Network. He's also a Rock n' Roll lover. So his passions are food and Rock n' Roll. Like me. And yes, he's my future husband. I've got, amongst others, a giant martini tattoo that would go so well with his food tattoos... ok dream on Mui, dream on! Haha!

Oh yeah, and I happily give him my Mui quote about martinis so he can use it for his crab Bloody Ceasar recipe: "It's a drink, it's a snack, it's a beautiful thing!".

For you bilingual folks, here he is on French Quebec show Tout le monde en parle.

And here's a trailer for his show

I'm sure you wanna become a fan of his on Facebook...

So anyoysterslurping, my addiction to Food Network, my love for music and... Chuck gave me an idea for a new concept.

I'm thinking of making cooking videos about favourite foods or meals of musicians. Metallica oysters because of James Hetfield who loves those slippery goodies. Or Elvis banana bread.

Two questions then: do you think it's a fun idea, and what musicians do you think I should get my inspiration from?

Barton Fink Band contest

How do you know you've made it (!) as a blogger? When a band offers you tickets and a CD to give out on your blog! Hehe!

Barton Fink is a Montreal band you might have heard of because they opened for BEAST recently. BEAST being as hot as they are right now, their opening act got quite a bit of buzz on the Web.

Wanting to strike while the iron is hot, Barton Fink will hold a launch show at Montreal's Club Lambi, and of course they hope you show up.

The band defines itself as Electro, Funk, and Rock. I also hear a touch of Industrial and a snippet of New Wave. That's a lot of tags, but then again you'll no doubt agree that they're not contradictory in the least. Of course, you can make up your own mind by visiting their myspace: http://myspace.com/bartonfinkband

My favourites (all available on myspace) :
The funky and somewhat gipsy Nothing for Free (downloadable here, kewl!)

Armed to the Teeth, with its very catchy intro. Without speaking of a direct NIN influence, I do think Trent Reznor would approve.

As far as vocals go, my favourite is Paranormal Mechanism.

And thumbs up to the piano in Fever.

It's fun to listen to and makes me want to dance, all in all a highly promising show!

Now, you know I love trivia, so of course you'll have to answer a question to get the pair of tickets and the CD... Nothing for Free, as the song goes!

It'll be easy, since it's the first time we do a contest in my Cadillac...

In the Cohen brother's movie that has that name for a title, Barton Fink has to write a screenplay. What is the screenplay supposed to be about?

The first person to send me an email at marieeveboucher[AT]hotmail.com with the right answer (plus full name) will win the 2 tickets and the album entitled GEAR. (Be sure you're available on May 29th...)

If you don't feel like using your brain, you can use your wallet and buy the album.

See you there? Good luck!


Thank you Lenny

Lenny Kravitz posted a shower pic of himself on his Twitpic account.

What can I say other than... thank you?


Now that's a fucking mash up!

All of Quentin Tarantino's movies in a mash up, over a remix of the soundtracks.

Crazy ass awesomeness!

You'll want to see this more than once for sure

The Tarantino Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


Sing Gael sing!

He's cute, he's Mexican, all the girls go nuts over him, and now he sings too! Well... in character in his new movie, but still...

So here's Gael Garcia Bernal doing a cover of I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick on the soundtrack of the new movie Rudo y Cursi.

The video... eeeessssh! haha.


A choir covers Blink 182

The British telly (!) show All the Small Things (which is supposed to be a drama!?!?) recently featured a choir singing What's my age again by Blink 182. The result is quite hilarious!


What Paul Simon and Robin Hood have to do with my week-end

I had a bad week-end. The worst part is it could have been easily avoided. You always kinda hate yourself when that happens, but hey, its a well known fact that I suck at matters of the heart ;)

Anysnottykleenex, my sad monday post sucky week-end did remind me of two songs.

This one sums up the problem pretty well (though I don't need 50, one that works would be enough). I chose this version because of Paul's oh so sexy mustache.

This one I dragged out of an old toy box somewhere because it makes me smile and has made me smile since I was a wee little Mui... and because I found a karaoke version!


Two things I love put together make... A WROOOONG!

I like Smashing Pumpkins. I like Billy Corgan. I loved his soundtrack for the movie Spun.

Since I was 4, I have been a westling fan. My mom's really proud. Yeah.


Billy Corgan opening TNA Lockdown by rapping Bullet with Butterfly Wings, that... that's an epic fail.

Has he lost all dignity? His mind?


Warner Norway shows total ignorance

On Twitter today, a young man from Norway expressed his discontent at the fact that he couldn't download the new Dave Matthews Band album saying something like: “I’m pissed! iTunes is only allowing downloads of the new Dave Matthews Band album if you live in the US! And they complain about pirating”.

Shortly after, Terje Pedersen from Warner Music Norway replied something like: “Then I suggest you steal it and write about the process in your stupid brat blog. We don’t want you to get upset.”

Obviously, Warner understands social media admirably... Hum hum...

I'm sure consumers and Dave Matthew's Band will just LOVE this.

Read the article, and if you're interested, share it and Digg it thanks to the link at the bottom of the page.

I'm a nerd and I love Queen

This video is well worth the watch, believe you me. Of course, the fact that I'm a nutso fan of Queen and that I liquefy every time Freddy Mercury appears on tv influences this judgment... but still, it's an instant classic for sure.

Bohemian rhapsody, the old school computer remix. Magnificent.

Pure genius found on The Listenerd a blog I HIGHLY recommend.


Nothing to worry about, Peter Bjorn and John

The new Peter Bjorn and John video features a cultural movement that I find both weird and very interesting: Japanese Rockabilly.

Besides that ;) the song is excellent! One last comment: the singer really sounds like the Beatle era John Lennon on this recording.

Once again, thanks Jeff!


Happy 4/20!

If you don't get it, the joke ain't meant for you ;)


Lady Gaga being her entertaining self

I know I know, I've been a little Gaga obsessed lately (see, I refrained from saying gaga for Gaga... oops). But what's a girl to do, she keeps giving entertaining performances all over the place. Here she is with Poker Face, epileptic dancing and howling included. Kick ass.


David Lynch works with Moby

And, well it sucks. Too bad. The song is far from car ad worthy, the animation isn't very well done and the whole thing is a little boring. You'll tell me I'm being hard on them, maybe, but it could have been the meeting of giants.

Without further ado...
Moby: Shot in the Back of the Head
Video by David Lynch

Thanks Jeff for the heads up.


The Internet Symphony

Youtube asked all musicians that felt like it to film themselves playing a part of a symphony. The piece was written especially for the occasion by composer Tan Dun, and the mash up final video came out today. The result is, in my humble opinion, quite magical and moving.

Here you go



Franz Ferdinand does Britney

One of the rare Britney Spears songs I really enjoy has been redone on the BBC by Franz Ferdinand... and it quite simply rocks! I've been listening to it on a loop since morning.

Download the mp3 thanks to ojama4.


Patience, I'll be back

I know I know, I've all but abandoned my blog recently. I've got 2 excuses: I've just moved and I've been working ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME lately. So there. Do not fret, my pets, I will be back with a vengeance really soon.

And now a song that is only relevant to this post because of its title ;)


Lady Gaga shows how it's done

How does one become a Pop Star? Not by winning some crap contest. By having a real je-ne-sais-quoi, and knowing how to show it off. That's what she demonstrated on American Idol last night.

Poker face reworked for the occasion


FrankMusik does Rehab

And it's bad. Lord is it bad. Not that I absolutely hate FrankMusik,and as you know I like covers. It's just that this one has a faint smell of heresy... well, hear for yourselves.


Metallica is coming to Montreal

Metallica will be in Montréal on September 19th and in Québec city on October 31st. Tickets go on sale on April 4th. (Thanks for the heads up André!)

Blast from the past...


Coeur de Pirate is now also called Pearls... or something

I don't know if I was sleeping when this happened, but I didn't know that Quebec singer Coeur de Pirate now also sung in English. Vio shared the info, and thanks girl. Like her, I prefer the English product to the French one. In fact, to be absolutely frank, her baby voice doesn't piss me off in English as much as in French. You?

A gift from Trent Reznor

nine inch nails: the slip
Reznor offers a free album for download. It's calledNIN|JA EP and contains exclusives from NIN, Jane's Addiction and Street Sweepers. Enjoy!


I'm a nerd and I love metal

No no, I'm not writing a confession post... and after all, you already knew that. Trivia, games shows, I love. Really. Really really. Thanks to my friends at Metal Sucks (blog I highly recommend) I've found Dave Mustaine on Jeopardy and Lars Ulrich on Who wants to be a millionaire. Epic I tell you!

Mustaine 1

Mustaine 2

Ulrich 1

Ulrich 2


John Mayer's penis and Twitter

Oh what a joy it is to follow John Mayer on Twitter. He's so relevant. So, John, are you working on some new songs these days?

American Idol's Adam Lambert copies Dilana from Rock Star Supernova

So now I have one more reason not to watch American Idol. Other than the fact that I find it boring with bad music and totally fixed, of course. Sometimes it's as fixed as wrestling.


A few years back, I did watch one of these reality music contests: Rock Star Supernova. Long story short, they created a super group with Tommy Lee, Gilby Clark and Jason Newsted, and a really arrogant and horribly bad singer won the chance to be their front man. That being said the show was fun because the contestants were original and they played rock music.

One of my favourites, Dilana (I think she should've won), sang this version if Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash during the contest. (You don't have to like her version, that's not my point ;))

Today, all the interweebs are abuzzzzz about the version of Ring of Fire that was done yesterday on AI by Adam Lambert.

Ok. I don't really blame Lambert (even if I rarely heard something as screamingly unbearable as his rendition of Dilana's cover) because I think he's a victim of the production's obvious inbreeding. But what do people vote for on American Idol? A person's talent for making original and personal covers? Puh-lease.


Vanilla Ice is sorry, and I don't mean pathetic

An ad campaign for Virgin Mobile really made me laugh today, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

They managed to convince ($$$) Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, to say he is sorry... well for everything.

Come on, have a little heart, go to the website and tell him (or other accused) that you forgive him... or not!

Happy Saint-Patrick's Day!

Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman invented Rock & Roll



New New Wave? Song for a Friday!

I got new tv channels yesterday, and already I like them: I heard a fun song on Much Music LOUD!

New Wave 80's revival aficionados, grab your headphones. The lyrics are romantico-emo cute (chick song alert), the beat and the voice sound like Depeche Mode snogging Sisters of Mercy.

Good little week-end song!

White Lies - To lose my life

Stef, I'm sure you'll like the romantic lyrics. Jas... well duh! Hehe. VéMa you'll like this too because in your heart, the songs of the 80's still play loud and clear :).

Trent Reznor, Twitter & Chris Cornell

Twitter is also a school yard where musicians pick fights. Really, if you don't have a Twitter account, you're missing out on relentless entertainment.

This week on his Twitter account, Trent Reznor had a comment about Chris Cornell's latest effort.

You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus.

Today, again on Twitter, Chris Cornell writes what I guess is his reply:

What do you think Jesus would twitter? "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" or "Has anyone seen Judas? He was here a minute ago"

Reznor 1 Cornell 0


South Park tears the Jonas Brothers a few new ones


Lady Gaga a bit out of character

Here she is doing Fooled me again, a song off a mini-film but not on any album.

It's really, really far from anything else I heard from her, and it's really good. It's heartfelt, she bangs the crap out of that piano, her voice breaks with emotion and force... Well, it's far from Let's Dance (song I like actually), and it's awesome that it is.

Nostalgia break

I always liked the acapella version

Tom's diner


I travel without leaving my chair

I've started blogging on a music site, so of course I had to recommend it to you guys, hehe!

It's the young and fresh ziik.fr (in French only, sorry). It's all a music site should be : news, reviews, techno stuff, concerts, festivals, etc.

And now, they also have ME (talk about added value)! Of course the tone is more journalistic than the one I use here, but that's cool, I'll be able to keep on rockin' here. There, it's serious. Here, I'll still be up to my crazy antics!

Katy Perry, Twitter and Skittles

Following bands/singers/musicians' Twitters sometimes gives you some fun inside info. Katy Perry is filming the video for her song Waking Up in Vegas, and in it she'll be in a martini glass filled with Skittles! We like.

Here's what she said exactly:
Filming Waking Up In Vegas at Palms. Will keep u updated through the night! About to be in a martini glass full of SKITTLES! Duh!

If you feel like it, follw Katy Perry on Twitter too.

An here's the song, without the video of course.


Downloading mp3 is like masturbating

Many people in many contexts have talked about the use and download of copyrighted material (because of course it's only when content has been created to make money that intellectual property is to be respected, hum hum). Rip, a remix manifesto is a new movie that reflects upon remixes and mash-ups among other things.

Look at the trailer and tell me if you do it too ;) (The title of this post is taken from the trailer)

Is culture building material you can use, a product protected by exclusive rights, something else? Would you and do you let other people use the original content you put on the Web to create something new?

For bloggers, the netiquette of linkage makes all this... disappear: we're used to linking to the places where we find cool content and to giving props when they are due. But is saying you used this or that enough for it not to be plagiarism or copyright infringement?

Well, I think so. It's enough. I'm ready to give/share anything in exchange for a link. Why? Because the more people like and reuse it, the more MY cultural product has value. I don't think songs or movies have an intrinsic value. Cultural products are only worth something if people see them/hear them (in older times, they also paid to do so :p).

Nowadays, people 'simply' have the possibility to take and use the products they like. To me that's an added value. Let's say: hey there were 50000 mash-ups of my video on youtube. It's sexier than: my video was seen 50000 times on youtube. What? It didn't inspire ANYONE? Hehe.

Ok I'm exaggerating a little. But still. To me intellectual property is a question of ethics and not a question of law: use content as long as you say where you took it, artists benefit from their material getting around, and nobody has proven to me beyond reasonable doubt that they LOST anything from the sharing/reuse of material (and that seems essential for a lawsuit). And at any rate, people liking and sharing your stuff is a better indicator of success, talent than the money you made selling it. And anyway it's a fact, the machine, the system is old, obsolete even, and a new one needs to be created.

Now, the RIP trailer.


blip.fm is my new obsession and a little Gogol Bordello

I am now a member of another (yes another) social thing. And I'm playing DJ there too!

Blip.fm is like Twitter, but for music, and on there you'll find... well almost anything! Registration is painless, join me there if you want to.


(if you want to follow my blip, but also the rest of my shit (!), there's my twitter too)

Speaking of blip, mammara blipped that one, ans since purple is my favourite color, I couldn't resist!

Start wearing purple - Gogol Bordello


A song for a Friday

It's Friday, and I'm still pressed for time. That being said I did stumble upon a good song with the word Friday in it!

I suck, Mark Ronson featuring Rivers Cuomo
The video is cool but it's not the official one

I found I suck downloadable and uncensored if you want it.

I can't seem to find the lyrics... help anyone?

Have a good week end, I know I need it!


Jason Mraz will make summer happen

I've been neglecting my blog. I know. I'm moving, I've been working like crazy... Well, at least summer is near. Need proof?

I'm yours


Fresh princess of San Francisco

Ok. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air song. By a girl on guitar. Yes indeed.


Daily news presented by Simon and Garfunkel

Nothing is sure as of yet (very surprising with those two) but a tour might be happening for Simon and Garfunkel - Rolling Stone

The next 50 cent album could be the last. I won't miss him all that much. - The Quietus

Speaking of tours, Leonard Cohen is also preparing one - Rolling Stone

Depeche Mode announce cities and dates for North American tour. Montréal, July 25th - The Music Slut

Lynyrd Skynyd misspelled on Guitar Hero Metallica... HAHAHAHAHAHA! - Yahoo

INXS dump singer found on RockStar INXS, and now the guy lives in his car. It ain't easy being a Rock Star - News.com.au

A picture of Rihanna after being beaten but before swelling and turning black and blue has showed up everywhere. I wish I hadn't seen it so I'm not linking to it.

The song of the day by Kings of Leon (also kings of the Brit Awards)

Sex on fire


Daily news presented by Pearl Jam

I told you a while ago that Pearl Jam was reissuing Ten: here are 2 of the songs - Smoking Section

Genius and funny: 10 signs you're the biggest douche at the concert - Metal Sucks

10 best drummers in punk, and of course no one's happy with the list - ING music

NIN + Janes addiction and a god knows how long break for NIN - Smoking Section

The new Lamb of God might not be quite as good as we thought it would be, but it doesn't suck the big one. - Metal Sucks

A possible new album for Bob Dylan - Smoking Section

Carrie Underwood is dating a hockey player and is ashamed of it... hehe

And the song of the day isn't really a song... well click and you'll see for yourself, it lasts 18 seconds of pure pleasure.

Flogging Molly made the Metropolis shake on its foundations

Yesterday (February 16th 2009), with some of my oldest partners in crime, I went to see the incredible Floggin Molly.

A very eclectic crowd almost broke the floor they were stomping so hard to ask for more, and more. Even the mosh pit was nice! A really rockin' mosh pit, retro, tight, (almost) no little maniacs practicing their best karate moves.

Flogging Molly gave a show filled with sheer "we're happy to be here" energy. According to Mr. King (the singer) we're quite a bunch of awesome bastards. Haha. I don't have the whole set list, but here are a few of the many songs that rocked my world.

7 deadly sins: we were waiting for it, we got it (some even made a banner asking for it)

Drunken lullabies: a must

Float: title song of their latest album, it's really touching live.

Requiem for a dying song: also off their last album and arguably the best one on it.

Really, no matter if you know them or not, do not miss the chance to see them if you have it. It's crazy, really really high energy, technically irreproachable, etc.

I'll finish this post off with the 2 first bands:

Dub Trio: a very nerdy trip lead by a drummer. They're strong musicians, especially the drummer, but it's a hard style to appreciate live for the first time.

The Aggrolites : reggae isn't dead! Their recordings are ok, but live it's great. Here's their very cool version of Don't let me down by the Beatles. The singer had a cute moment of emotion when he saw how well and enthusiastically people in Montreal sing (much better that the people in this video anyway). Yay us.