Love Hate: a new Rock Bar in Montreal

And it's right by my office! I'm so excited I think I just peed a little!

Long story short, 2 of the people on the reality series Miami Ink, Ami James and Chris Nunez, just opened a bar in Old Montreal. According to recent comments (opening night was last week-end), it's worth a look.

Have I found a new 'Home away from home', the one that will replace my long lost and oh so missed Bleu est Noir? Who knows! I'll tell you as soon as I see the place with my own eyes. I'm as excited as if I was going on a blind date. I hear it's Coyote Ugly-ish. I hear the music's awesome. I hear...

Love Hate Rock Bar
160 Notre-Dame Est, Montreal, QC


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Victoria said...

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