Today's links brought to you by Trent Reznor


2 things about de Trent Reznor : 1) YUUUUM! and 2) he can now be stalked followed on Twitter!

The new Napalm Death is good! Well... I think. - The Quietus

I'm scared. Just thinking of a possible sex tape for this rumored new couple.... brrrrr! - Perez Hilton

Sirius satellite radio is dying - Rolling Stone

Radiohead could maybe someday work on the new Terminator (Salvation) soundtrack - The Quietus

A beautiful trio of beautiful Australian gals (Dannii and Kylie Minogue and Nathalie Imbruglia) fight fire (thanks Sam) - This is London

And the song of the day: Butterfly Woman by Chic Gamine (first song in the list).

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