FrankMusik does Rehab

And it's bad. Lord is it bad. Not that I absolutely hate FrankMusik,and as you know I like covers. It's just that this one has a faint smell of heresy... well, hear for yourselves.


Metallica is coming to Montreal

Metallica will be in Montréal on September 19th and in Québec city on October 31st. Tickets go on sale on April 4th. (Thanks for the heads up André!)

Blast from the past...


Coeur de Pirate is now also called Pearls... or something

I don't know if I was sleeping when this happened, but I didn't know that Quebec singer Coeur de Pirate now also sung in English. Vio shared the info, and thanks girl. Like her, I prefer the English product to the French one. In fact, to be absolutely frank, her baby voice doesn't piss me off in English as much as in French. You?

A gift from Trent Reznor

nine inch nails: the slip
Reznor offers a free album for download. It's calledNIN|JA EP and contains exclusives from NIN, Jane's Addiction and Street Sweepers. Enjoy!


I'm a nerd and I love metal

No no, I'm not writing a confession post... and after all, you already knew that. Trivia, games shows, I love. Really. Really really. Thanks to my friends at Metal Sucks (blog I highly recommend) I've found Dave Mustaine on Jeopardy and Lars Ulrich on Who wants to be a millionaire. Epic I tell you!

Mustaine 1

Mustaine 2

Ulrich 1

Ulrich 2


John Mayer's penis and Twitter

Oh what a joy it is to follow John Mayer on Twitter. He's so relevant. So, John, are you working on some new songs these days?

American Idol's Adam Lambert copies Dilana from Rock Star Supernova

So now I have one more reason not to watch American Idol. Other than the fact that I find it boring with bad music and totally fixed, of course. Sometimes it's as fixed as wrestling.


A few years back, I did watch one of these reality music contests: Rock Star Supernova. Long story short, they created a super group with Tommy Lee, Gilby Clark and Jason Newsted, and a really arrogant and horribly bad singer won the chance to be their front man. That being said the show was fun because the contestants were original and they played rock music.

One of my favourites, Dilana (I think she should've won), sang this version if Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash during the contest. (You don't have to like her version, that's not my point ;))

Today, all the interweebs are abuzzzzz about the version of Ring of Fire that was done yesterday on AI by Adam Lambert.

Ok. I don't really blame Lambert (even if I rarely heard something as screamingly unbearable as his rendition of Dilana's cover) because I think he's a victim of the production's obvious inbreeding. But what do people vote for on American Idol? A person's talent for making original and personal covers? Puh-lease.


Vanilla Ice is sorry, and I don't mean pathetic

An ad campaign for Virgin Mobile really made me laugh today, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

They managed to convince ($$$) Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, to say he is sorry... well for everything.

Come on, have a little heart, go to the website and tell him (or other accused) that you forgive him... or not!

Happy Saint-Patrick's Day!

Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman invented Rock & Roll



New New Wave? Song for a Friday!

I got new tv channels yesterday, and already I like them: I heard a fun song on Much Music LOUD!

New Wave 80's revival aficionados, grab your headphones. The lyrics are romantico-emo cute (chick song alert), the beat and the voice sound like Depeche Mode snogging Sisters of Mercy.

Good little week-end song!

White Lies - To lose my life

Stef, I'm sure you'll like the romantic lyrics. Jas... well duh! Hehe. VéMa you'll like this too because in your heart, the songs of the 80's still play loud and clear :).

Trent Reznor, Twitter & Chris Cornell

Twitter is also a school yard where musicians pick fights. Really, if you don't have a Twitter account, you're missing out on relentless entertainment.

This week on his Twitter account, Trent Reznor had a comment about Chris Cornell's latest effort.

You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus.

Today, again on Twitter, Chris Cornell writes what I guess is his reply:

What do you think Jesus would twitter? "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" or "Has anyone seen Judas? He was here a minute ago"

Reznor 1 Cornell 0


South Park tears the Jonas Brothers a few new ones


Lady Gaga a bit out of character

Here she is doing Fooled me again, a song off a mini-film but not on any album.

It's really, really far from anything else I heard from her, and it's really good. It's heartfelt, she bangs the crap out of that piano, her voice breaks with emotion and force... Well, it's far from Let's Dance (song I like actually), and it's awesome that it is.

Nostalgia break

I always liked the acapella version

Tom's diner


I travel without leaving my chair

I've started blogging on a music site, so of course I had to recommend it to you guys, hehe!

It's the young and fresh ziik.fr (in French only, sorry). It's all a music site should be : news, reviews, techno stuff, concerts, festivals, etc.

And now, they also have ME (talk about added value)! Of course the tone is more journalistic than the one I use here, but that's cool, I'll be able to keep on rockin' here. There, it's serious. Here, I'll still be up to my crazy antics!

Katy Perry, Twitter and Skittles

Following bands/singers/musicians' Twitters sometimes gives you some fun inside info. Katy Perry is filming the video for her song Waking Up in Vegas, and in it she'll be in a martini glass filled with Skittles! We like.

Here's what she said exactly:
Filming Waking Up In Vegas at Palms. Will keep u updated through the night! About to be in a martini glass full of SKITTLES! Duh!

If you feel like it, follw Katy Perry on Twitter too.

An here's the song, without the video of course.


Downloading mp3 is like masturbating

Many people in many contexts have talked about the use and download of copyrighted material (because of course it's only when content has been created to make money that intellectual property is to be respected, hum hum). Rip, a remix manifesto is a new movie that reflects upon remixes and mash-ups among other things.

Look at the trailer and tell me if you do it too ;) (The title of this post is taken from the trailer)

Is culture building material you can use, a product protected by exclusive rights, something else? Would you and do you let other people use the original content you put on the Web to create something new?

For bloggers, the netiquette of linkage makes all this... disappear: we're used to linking to the places where we find cool content and to giving props when they are due. But is saying you used this or that enough for it not to be plagiarism or copyright infringement?

Well, I think so. It's enough. I'm ready to give/share anything in exchange for a link. Why? Because the more people like and reuse it, the more MY cultural product has value. I don't think songs or movies have an intrinsic value. Cultural products are only worth something if people see them/hear them (in older times, they also paid to do so :p).

Nowadays, people 'simply' have the possibility to take and use the products they like. To me that's an added value. Let's say: hey there were 50000 mash-ups of my video on youtube. It's sexier than: my video was seen 50000 times on youtube. What? It didn't inspire ANYONE? Hehe.

Ok I'm exaggerating a little. But still. To me intellectual property is a question of ethics and not a question of law: use content as long as you say where you took it, artists benefit from their material getting around, and nobody has proven to me beyond reasonable doubt that they LOST anything from the sharing/reuse of material (and that seems essential for a lawsuit). And at any rate, people liking and sharing your stuff is a better indicator of success, talent than the money you made selling it. And anyway it's a fact, the machine, the system is old, obsolete even, and a new one needs to be created.

Now, the RIP trailer.


blip.fm is my new obsession and a little Gogol Bordello

I am now a member of another (yes another) social thing. And I'm playing DJ there too!

Blip.fm is like Twitter, but for music, and on there you'll find... well almost anything! Registration is painless, join me there if you want to.


(if you want to follow my blip, but also the rest of my shit (!), there's my twitter too)

Speaking of blip, mammara blipped that one, ans since purple is my favourite color, I couldn't resist!

Start wearing purple - Gogol Bordello


A song for a Friday

It's Friday, and I'm still pressed for time. That being said I did stumble upon a good song with the word Friday in it!

I suck, Mark Ronson featuring Rivers Cuomo
The video is cool but it's not the official one

I found I suck downloadable and uncensored if you want it.

I can't seem to find the lyrics... help anyone?

Have a good week end, I know I need it!


Jason Mraz will make summer happen

I've been neglecting my blog. I know. I'm moving, I've been working like crazy... Well, at least summer is near. Need proof?

I'm yours