The best MJ tribute in the world

Well I'm a proud montrealer, of course I was going to say that!

I even cried a teeny bit. And you?


Madonna scares the shit out of me

Menopause hormones and 'roïds don't mix

argh :(



The Jonas brothers actually do a good song

Too bad they don't do it very well...

Jonas1, aka cute-Jonas (no, I don't know their names and no, I won't research them) well he's a little bit flat. Jonas2 is really hoarse and Jonas3, aka 'the one who ain't as cute as the others' only sings when the two others are going nuts.

But hey! For once they're doing a good song! (read: not one of theirs)

Here's Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond as done by the Jonas Brothers

(BTW, Neil Diamond is on Twitter)


Hey Sugar Tits, you can't sing!

Mel Gibson'S midlife crisis fluke, Oksana Grigorieva, lauches the title track for her upcoming album "Beautiful Heartache". The video was directed by Mel Gibson.

Cringe worthy lyrics? Check!
Music that will put you to sleep? Check!
Asthmatic voice? Check!
Masturbatory video that only its director will like? Check!
Fugly ass costumes and accessories? Check!
Scray Octo-mom-style plastic surgeries? Check, check and check some more!

Friends, we've got a success on our hands.


Web Site Story, an Internet musical

As you know, I'm nutso for musicals. Here, direct from the fine peeps at College Humor, is the Internet musical. Guffaw!


MJ memorial Live

CNN and Facebook got together to present the Michael Jackson memorial live, and the Facebook conversation Live also. A musical and Internet event that might never be surpassed.

It is said that MJ'S body will be on site. Creepy.
Now let's hope the networks hold.

Click here to join millions of watchers/discussers


update : I'll be tweeting live for those who can't see the vid http://twitter.com/marieeveboucher

Guess who's in the pic

It's a celebrity before she became a celebrity...


Proof that Blur is booooring

Or really really good. I'm not sure.


Video of MJ's last rehersal

CNN has a video of MJ rehearsing for his new show 2 days before he died. Pretty rockin' stuff!