All the single babies!

Ok, I've got a total and utter cuteness moment for you today. A baby dancing to a Beyoncé song. I'm normally not a very gagagoogoo gal, but that kid's got talent!

That could be a reality show hit : Dancing with the diapers or Babies' got talent. Wait. I shouldn't have said that, someone might do it!


RIP Mary Travers

Mary Travers was a member of legendary folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. She died last night from leukemia. She was 72.

Peter, Paul and Mary is my mother's favourite band. Their music, especially the iconic Album 1700, marked my childhood and I never stopped listening to it since.

I sing too, and Mary Travers is probably the person who has had the most influence on me musically (along with Grace Slick, Ann Wilson and Cass Elliot -ok and Janis also-). She also contributed to my belief that covers are allowed in life. Hehe.

Mary, thank you. Your beautiful low voice, your immense talent, the emotional and the funny Peter, Paul and Mary songs will stay with me for ever.

And here is to remembering her


All hail the motherfucking queen

I've been saying it over and over, and I'll say it again.

Lady Gaga is the queen. By far the most interesting thing to see and here in Pop. In a long time too.

Here's the version of Paparazzi that she did at the VMAs This week-end. When a better quality video is available I'll post it.