The Muppets do Boheman Rhapsody

I adoooooore Queen. When I see Freddy Mercury on TV, I cry. That's how bad I've got it.

The Muppets are also among the great loves of my life, especially Animal and the dude that goes mimimimimimi. Gonzo, my dad. Miss Piggy, my mom. I have an infinity of Muppets inside jokes.

Imagine the visual and auditive orgasm I had when I found this

Mama! Mama! Mama? Mama! ROFL!


Beyonce + Gaga, it ain't workin'

The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Beyonce is finally available.

and it ain't good.

A song about a videophone? Really? How sad. I mean I like funny songs. Love em'. It doesn't have to be the next opus for a generation for me to like it. I lost my keys I lost my phone... just dance. Light but not... idiotic.

Anyway, Gaga looks like a nobody, the song is uninteresting to say the least. Maybe Gaga gets sucked dry, vampirized, when she duets?

Apart from the waterguns and Beyonce dressed up as Bettie Page, it's disappointing and a little sad.


The new Gaga video is in the Haus

You know it, I'm a fan. Not so much of the music, but of her. HER.

This video, for her song Bad Romance, is sci-fi, madly creative, fashionable, bouncing and dancing, original, incomprehensible, glam, beautiful and scary all at once.

If you really can't stand the genre, watch the video without the sound on.

So there it is. Once again, all hail the motherfucking queen.

PS The end! The ending is nuts! Hahahah she's in-sa-ne. Love it and her.


Why I love Autotune

Autotune was in my opinion, until recently, the incarnation of what was Wrong with music nowadays. Yes, Wrong with a capital W. A huge m**f**in' W.

I liked to repeat that in the "good old days", we didn't need autotune because sound people were allowed to say thing like "that was flat, you'll have to redo it". And if you couldn't do it, well you didn't get to make an album. That's it, that's all.

Well it seems that every cloud has a silver lining after all.

The Interweebs have been buzzing with little video opuses lately. These videos are made by putting talkies through Autotune to create totally hypnotic pieces.

Here's one of them, the Symphony of Science.

I find this highly shareable. You?


Pearl Jam + Devo = Halloween

This week end, Pearl Jam went up on stage dressed up as Devo and actually sang Whip It (spreading instant joy and hilarity among the public)

What an idea! I couldn't have come up with a better one had I wanted to ;) So not compatible and so much fun at the same time, don't you think?