A song for the first snowfall

Today while reading my friend Alex's blog, I had an "ooooh-I-wish-I'd-thought-of-that" moment.

So here it is, a song for the first real snowfall of the year. Zappa rules.


Pete Doherty manages to insult a whole country in a few words

Good work man! He only needed a few sentences to piss off all of Germany and a few others.

During a music festival in Munich, our favourite winner sang the Nazi version of the German national anthem.

Go to the end of this video to get the full experience.

Of course, according to his spokespeople, he didn't do it on purpose, yadda yadda yadda. Man, if I had their job, I'd just carry a cassette around: "M. Doherty has a horrific case of verbal diarrhea brought on by the untimely erosion of his mental sphincters because of years of multiple drug abuse. Thank you."

So peeps, wanna start a pool and bet on when he's going to die? Ok that wasn't nice, I didn't sleep last night and I'm in a vicious mood. See, I don't even need a publicist.