PANIC! At the Disco announce 3rd album: 'Vices & Virtues'.

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Exciting news! I just loved Pretty.Odd. I've said it many times, to me it is our generation's Sgt. Peppers. (And I don't make Beatles comparisons lightly!)

Can't wait to hear what Panic! did with a theme like Vice&Virtue. The songsters say that all the songs will relate to that theme, so I think we might have another good concept album coming along. Or at least I hope! The album is set to be released on March 8th 2011.

The first single is (for now at least) entitled Mona Lisa.

Listen to this interview given by Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith in Germany to find out more about the inspiration, the collaborators and what Panic! learned about the process.

Source: PANIC! AT THE DISCO - third album entitled 'Vices & Virtues'.


Useless fact: Alex Van Halen is good in bed


Famous groupie Connie Hamzy told Howard Stern on his December 8th show that Alex Van Halen was her best lover ever. Considering she's comparing him to Gene Simmons, Keith Moon, Peter Frampton and Willie Nelson (!) among others, it ain't half bad.

The idea is not to think to much about how they look now. Keith Moon is not even the one that looks the most like a mummy. (Ok that was in bad taste).

By the way, Connie is mentioned in « We're an American Band » by Grand Funk Railroad.


Source: Contactmusic News


'Clash' of the titans : Sex Pistols vs Ramones

My friend Sebastian Hell had a great 'musical question of the day' on Facebook today. So I stole it (ha!)... there's nothing like a good debate to make me start blogging again!

Here goes :
Musical question of the day: The Ramones or The Sex Pistols? (as usual, please note: ''both'' shows you are stupid, while ''neither'' denotes you are pretentious)

In this FB discussion, the Ramones win by a landslide. Here are a few comments:

Sébastian Hell: Me: Ramones. No question. They came first, made 14 records (to the Pistols' 1-or-3), toured every year and were a model of discipline and consistency, if not of originality.

D.A. : Ramones(Crass actually)

J-M R. : Ramones most definitely !!!!!

Marie-Eve Boucher : What irritates the most in equally seminal punk bands... prefabrication only topped by the monkees or idiotic feuding only topped by oasis... hmmm... Ramones then ;) (I am pretentious and proud however). Oh and I forgot, the awesome ridiculousness of Rock n' Roll High School also gets the Ramones my vote

So peeps, what side are you on in this epic battle?

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